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Our customers asked for a thicker solution and in came our Rhino Blast product. It is a thickened, highly effective and very well priced porous surface graffiti remover. 

Blasts graffiti off brick, concrete, slate, stucco, marble, granite, terra cotta, cinder blocks, terrazzo, cement, railroad cars, postal boxes, glass, wood & stone. Also works great on marking pen and permanent marker.

(50lbs 12X12X16)


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Rhino Blast

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    GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Rhino Blast is a thick biodegradable product formulated for use on porous surfaces of all types (also works great on many smooth surfaces. RECOMMENDED FOR REMOVAL ON: Brick, slate, mortar, masonry, cement, concrete, stucco, terrazzo, pavers, porous tile, Terra Cotta, cinder blocks, granite, marble, sandstone, rocks, both porous/rough or polished, Railroad Cars, Postal Boxes, glass, ceramic, porcelain, glazed tiles, grout and wood PRODUCT FEATURES/BENEFITS:  Unlike most products on the market, you do not need a second product to remove shadows! Just re-apply a second time and remove!  Low odour  Works well in all temperatures; extend dwell time as temperatures drop.  Can be sprayed or brushed on.  Coverage between 300 to 1000sq.ft depending on surface and paint type.  Our most effective product yet with cold water removal.

    GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: To blast away offending graffiti follow these simple steps: 1. Brush or spray Rhino Blast onto the graffiti, work it in with a brush 2. Let it soak for 10 – 30 minutes. Soak time may vary depending on THE TEMPERATURE, the type of graffiti and the surface that it is on. If temperatures are below 0ºC, warm product & shake before applying. 3. Rinse off with pressure washer or garden hose; cold water can be used but best results are attained with hot water. Repeat process if necessary. 4. ALWAYS TEST ON HIDDEN AREA BEFORE APPLICATION!!

    BIODEGRADABLE Yes. EFFECTIVE ON THE FOLLOWING: Spray paint graffities, marker, pen, ink, crayon, shoe polish, lipstick, pencil, and most other graffiti marks or stains. Other Uses: Removes road tars, asphalt, oils, greases, gum, wax, tree sap, and many other difficult to remove marks or stains from all types of porous or other recommended surfaces. Paint spills on floors, adhesives, caulking compounds, spray booth over sprays, even many difficult to remove 2-part paints, epoxies, urethanes, can be removed effectively with Rhino Blast.

Our products contain no phosphates, chlorinated hydrocarbons or products known to cause health or disposal problems. Most of the products can be wiped off with recycled cloths. We don't use spray cans with CFC's. We also use less product than anybody else on the planet to get the job done.

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