Final Clean-up for Graffiti Removal (Smooth)

This product helps with smooth surface clean-ups and those hard to remove knots of paint. Specially formulated product for the final cleanup on hard smooth surfaces, glass and mirror after the graffiti has been removed. Great as a glass cleaner and helps remove the residues from these surfaces.


Cleansweep Two

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  • Product Data Sheet Cleansweep One - final cleanup on stone & brick surfaces 1- This product can be used as a final cleanup when you remove graffiti from stone or brick surfaces to help control the shadow that occurs from salt leaching out of the stone or brick 2- It can also be used to remove efflorescence from stone and brick. 3- Spray or brush on at dilutions between 5 to 1 or 30 to 1 as needed. On areas with heavy efflorescence dilute 1 to 1.

    Cleansweep Two - final cleanup on hard smooth surfaces, glass & mirror 1- This product was formulated to use after the graffiti is removed, it cleans the surface to get it as clean and shiny as possible. 2- It can also be used as a very effective glass cleaner as it helps to remove the residues from these surfaces. 3- Spray on and wipe off as needed. 4- It is also used when needed to neutralize Porous Surface Blaster, Citrus Blaster & Smooth Surface Blaster

Our products contain no phosphates, chlorinated hydrocarbons or products known to cause health or disposal problems. Most of the products can be wiped off with recycled cloths. We don't use spray cans with CFC's. We also use less product than anybody else on the planet to get the job done.

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